PERU – Amazon River to be inaugurated as nature’s wonder today

The Amazon River & Rainforest will be officially inaugurated as one of the new seven wonders of nature in a festive ceremony to be broadcast live on giant screens around the Amazon region of Loreto in northeastern Peru.Ivan Vasquez, president of the Loreto region, said the goal is to “make people throughout the region participate and get involved in this event, it’ll be a festive day,” he said.

“The activities will take place in the seven provincial capitals [of Loreto], with Iquitos being the central venue. Each capital will simultaneously hold various events, bringing together students and people in general,” he said.
Vasquez noted that activities include parades, ceremonies, festivals, as well as singing  and poetry contests in honor of the Amazon River/Rainforest.
On Monday morning, there will be a city tour of the major tourist areas of Iquitos, followed by the main ceremony in the Amazon River, with support from the Peru’s export and tourism promotion board Promperu.
Then, the official delegation will head to the 28 de Julio square to unveil the bronze plaque commemorating the official certification of the Amazon River/Rainforest as a natural wonder of the world.
Promperu noted that the award represents the recognition of the biodiverse richness that houses the Amazonia, making it one of the “lungs of the planet.”
The New 7 Wonders of Nature search began in 2007, drawing 440 entries from more than 220 countries. Millions voted for the top 77, which was further narrowed down to 28 finalists for the final phase, including the 6280 kilometer (3900 mile) long Amazon River, which originates in Peru and flows through Brazil to the Atlantic Ocean.
Last December, the organizers of the competition announced that the Amazon Rainforest made it to the list of winners.
The other six wonders of nature are: Vietnam’s Halong Bay, Philippines’ Puerto Princesa Underground River, Argentina’s Iguazu Falls, South Korea’s Jeju Island, Indonesia’s Komodo Island and South Africa’s Table Mountain.
The Amazon Rainforest, also known as Amazonia, the Amazon jungle or the Amazon Basin, encompasses seven million square kilometers (1.7 billion acres), though the forest itself occupies some 5.5 million square kilometers (1.4 billion acres), located within nine nations.

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