RR – Police arrest 18 illegal Brazilian miners

The  Bartica Police operating in  tandem  with  the  Guyana Geology Mines Commission  found  18  Brazilians  engaging  in illegal mining  activities in  the  Puruni  Mining  District  on Tuesday.

The arrests followed a sting operation conducted that day.  Some of them were in the country illegally while others were working without the necessary legal work permits. They  were  escorted  to  the  Bartica  Police  Station and  then to  Georgetown  under  Police escort  for  further  processing  on  Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the  Bartica Police  are  continuing  their  investigations into  the  discovery  of  the body  of  an unidentified  man  in  a pit latrine at  Sulphur  Creek  Backdam, in  the   Cuyuni  Mining  District on Tuesday. 

A  team  of  policemen  that  had  left  Bartica on  Tuesday  is still  in  the  area  conducting  their  investigations . (Edward A Persaud)

FONTE: http://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2012/04/12/police-arrest-18-illegal-brazilian-miners/     

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