Guyana – Linden–Lethem road closed to traffic

The   Public   Infrastructure Ministry has announced that, with immediate effect, the Linden-Lethem Road between the communities of Mabura   and   Kurupukari will be temporarily closed to vehicular traffic in order to immediately commence  emergency repair works on the main access bridge, which has been damaged.

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has closed the Linden-Lethem road due to the collapse of a bridge between Mabura and Kurupukari Section.

“The Ministry of Public Infrastructure is currently managing the situation and works are in place to effect immediate emergency repairs. The Ministry humbly apologises for the inconvenience caused and is hereby asking all stakeholders for their kind cooperation,” the ministry said in a statement.

Overloaded trucks and other such vehicles continue to be a challenge in maintaining the bridges and other access facilities set up in far flung areas. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Geoffrey Vaughn, told the Guyana Chronicle that the ministry currently has a team assessing the situation on the Linden-Lethem road ahead of works to address damaged infrastructure.

Vaughn told this newspaper that at the moment only “light vehicles” are accessing the location so as not to cause further damage to the facility, but to also ensure the flow of traffic on the access route to Lethem.

Vaughn said that the area is inundated due to heavy rainfall and this makes it difficult for larger vehicles such as trucks to traverse the road. He pointed out that most trucks using the Lethem route are usually overloaded beyond the weight load of the road and the now damaged bridge. The road, he said, is a laterite surfaced thoroughfare, which becomes saturated in the rainy weather and therefore presents difficulty to commuters, especially when regulations for using the road and bridge is not adhered to.

It is for this reason, Vaughn said, that an entire review of the situation is being done and information relating to the extent of the damage and possible remedies would be available today. In past years, sections of the Lethem Road had to be closed to effect repairs, because of damaged facilities particularly during the rainy season. At one point, heavy-duty trucks – single, double and triple axles were ordered to carry loads of approximately 15 tonnes so as not to affect critical areas along the route that were being fixed.

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Linden-Lethem road closed – Guyana Chronicle

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